Attachment Gone Right

Suppose being a Christian is a bit more mysterious than what we’ve made it out to be. Jesus saves – a phrase plastered on billboard signs and bumper stickers across America has become more associate with avoiding punishment and very little with transformation value for our character. Dr. Wilder proposes that salvation in Jesus Christ is more like forming a new attachment to God, and new followers of Christ should begin to look like their new family right away.

Dr. Jim Wilder

Speaker: Dr. Jim Wilder

Dr. Jim Wilder has been ministering since 1977 and teaching in the areas of trauma and addiction recovery, spiritual and emotional maturity, multi-generational community development, and the brain science of relationships. His understanding of both the theology and neuroscience of joy is foundational for healing, growth and life transformation.



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  • Charles Jenkins

    Wow! That is the best description of what I have experienced and seen gone wrong (and right!) in life in every aspect! Brilliant perspective. I hope to learn more.