What’s missing? After writing a basic theology book to help mature Christ followers and incorporating a Bible reading plan to give people as much Jesus as possible, Michel Hendricks realized, “something is missing.” Unsatisfied with some people experiencing great results, sometimes, and for others no traction at all, he set out on a quest to find the missing ingredient to help people mature into disciples of Jesus.

Michel Hendricks

Speaker: Michel Hendricks

Michel Hendricks is a pastor, missionary, engineer, inventor and author. He has been teaching and training for over 25 years. He was a pastor of spiritual formation at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. In addition, he served and trained people in Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. He is married to Claudia and they have three adult children.


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  • Bradley Whitney

    Wonderful talk on the basics of what true discipleship looks like. Jesus worked with groups of people, not a whole congregation. He discipled the disciples, and they in tern discipled others. He had lots of followers, but his main focus was on a few who he spent lots of time with, living life with them, correcting them, loving them, and giving them joy (they knew Jesus was delighted to be with them). So true transformation of character to become like Christ, comes mostly in smaller groups, not as much from teaching from the pulpit, or programs, or large settings. Those are beneficial, but the real change for a person comes in a smaller setting with a huge amount of love and deep connections with each other. All in all this is a great synopsis of the book, “The Other Half of Church.”