Strength in My Weakness

Margaret Webb unpacks how the word “in” from John 17:26, “your love for me will be in them and I in them,” helped her move from broken to connected in order to find the best relational attachment to God.


Speaker: Margaret Webb

Margaret began her career in people-helping at age 16 as an aide in a nursing home. Exploratory and adventuresome, her quest for spiritual and emotional wholeness took many twists and turns, from nursing to psychology to alternative medicine and massage therapy. After some years in the New Age movement, Margaret had a personal encounter with the living God. She returned to Christianity, and the Holy Spirit took her through a painful, glorious process of healing. She earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and spent 12 years in private practice as a Christian psychotherapist, retiring in the year 2000. Since then she has devoted herself to a ministry of emotional healing and maturation in the context of prayer. Teaching, training, mentoring and consulting, she is committed to the vision of a network of lay and professional people-helpers bringing the care of souls into the local church.